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What is Crushed Roses - some have asked

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

For those new to my page - Just a little introduction to my project. About twenty years ago I started a poem called Crushed Roses. It stayed in my files for years until about ten years ago when I decided it was time to dust it out and turn it into a book. Believe me when I say it has gone through various slices and titles.

Past titles not forgotten

- Poetry knitted as a novel

- Crystals In The Mud

- Stars craved in the skies

and many more other interesting names. But the original name Crushed Roses kept coming back to me. So I decided, I will write an anthology based on a character called Zainab Ali. A woman of strength who has been through many. The story will be a three part story but each one will have it's own identity as a Novelette. It was meant to be just a book, but then I started chatting with great minds like Taiwo Egunjobi (my able director), Isaac Ayodeji (Screenwriter) and saw other possibilities.

Then back in July 2021 my story began as the Executive Producer of the adaptation of my Novelette - Crushed Roses - the saga of an undefined relationship. Who knows one day I might also director a movie.

So there you have it - can't tell you much for now but do sit still and fasten your seat belts as reviews from a few has been mind blowing.


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