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Ibiere Addey

Poetic Voice

Pre-released - Short Film

Crushed Roses - The Saga Of An Undefined Relationship

Zainab Ali left Kaduna to study English Literature and Communication at the University of Ibadan. Her life was straightforward until she met Wale Badmus, a third-year student. Zainab was the sister that Wale never had.


Wale understood Zainab like nobody else. They became best friends — going to parties, studying late into the night. Naturally, space was given whenever the other found a romantic interest, but they were often inseparable. Together, they felt whole. Things could not have been better between the two until one night at the jazz café.  


Temporary release Crushed Roses

Crushed Roses.jpg

Bob Forgets His Blanket
Release dates to be announced soon

Dear Bob, first his favourite cuddle item (blanket) gets washed. Now he has forgotten his blanket. Oh No! whats going to happen.

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About Ibiere Addey

Ibiere Addey is a poet, narrative fictional writer, and the publisher of five children picture books, Rosie and the talking Squirrel, Wonderland and the magic shoes, Thelma-Polly and the Crocodile (Co-author with her daughter Jonell Addey), Bible Machines Car Serie (David and Goliath), and Bob's Blanket gets a wash which has been a popular book with most parents and children.  

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