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Crushed Roses-The Saga Novel Out Now

Crushed Roses - The Saga recounts the highs, lows, and aha moments of poet and artist Zainab Ali. Life can sometimes be as beautiful as red roses, with nothing to smear its beauty. But when life's storms hit without warning, it takes courage to swim through them.

For Zainab, life was about love, family, and finding a purpose. But a series of event led Zainab to think life is a shamble. But when she was about to give up, her inner strenght encouraged her to pressed on and emerged a shinning diamond.



Get your copy and find out more. Available via the website, Amazon and as eBook on various eBook platforms.

Short Film - Out Now

Crushed Roses - The Saga Of An Undefined Relationship

A short film about a young poet Zainab Ali. For her it was just  one night at the jazz cafe that was all she needed to define their relationship with Wale Badmus. Love can be a beautiful thing. 


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Short Film  Cover - Titled: Crushed Roses
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