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Ibiere Addey

Poetic Twist for the brave and intrigued minds

Hello, I'm Ibi. One word to describe me: Poetic Twist writer.

I’m glad you decided to visit and experience a bit of my writing world. If you like deep soul searching words, then stick with me. You have come to the right place. I've got blogs, poems, and books to keep you busy. I hope to get greedy with your time by keeping you awake with my stories and poems. Yep! I'm guilty...

Soooo....Snuggle up with your hot chocolate, coffee, biscuits, tea 'whatever you like', it's time to be up at night. Make sure you have a box of tissue. As some stories might make you cry. Some poems come with a witty twist. 

So, fasten your seat-belt and welcome to my world of words.

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