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Rugged but quirky, he stood in a corner. Unshaven with the most handsome face. Grey eyes fixed me with a knowing look. Sending a message of let's meet up later. I wished. He wished. A speedy conclusion of the concert. A Christmas to Remember just suddenly changed.

ibiere addey

Beautiful and .....

That's the way I see

inside and outside

The moon snuggled against blushed purple and pink cotton

Stars like shattered gold mortared in a smoke-stained sky

A half-swallowed golden globe of fire over dusky planes

A natural canvas over the outstretched sea

highlighting the craftiness of the great one

my minds' mouth gasps


The royal sapphire blue of a peacock's body

its Chinese fan feathered tail with emerald eyespots

The rainbowed Mandarin duck nestled in colourless cool water

A sea slug washed on a flawless beige seashore

A brewed spectrum of light

An ocean wrinkled from a ricochet stone skip

Bare feet caressed by beige-white grains on a riverbank

A dampened ocean breeze

that grazes against the nostril

that kisses the velvet of the skin

and that elevate the hair on the neck nape


Impassioned laughter of a plump, rosy-cheeked toddler

The magical twirl of a child in a flare yellow dress dotted

with white beneath a shower of sun rays

Secretly linked hands, transfixed eyes across red wine, grapes, and cheese

Golden aged with shimmer grey hair and glued bodies glide to 60s blues

Shades of memoir

ibiere addey

My thoughts's Voice

Crossed life's path

That left tales scattered

like breadcrumbs

Walls stained with words

Engraved on bruised hearts

Wrestling to flee Red roses pool

Silent, let the mind whisper


ibiere addey

Behind Us

 The world behind us, we can sail and breath oceans' sweet calming balm - extract from Crushed Roses - the saga of an undefined relationship.

ibiere addey

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