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Rugged but quirky, he stood in a corner.

Unshaven with the most handsome face.

Grey eyes fixed on me with a knowing look.

Sending a message of let's meet up later.

I wished. He wished.

The venue was set.

It was like a Christmas to remember.

Which tickles my mind till today.

ibiere addey

Beautiful and .....

that’s the way I see it

from the inside

to the outside

Let’s take a walk

and experience

the moon snuggled against blushed purple pink

Sunset over the dusky planes

As I

gather my thoughts

like money falling from the sky


For I've

been through the shades of life

My experiences are like stars

……A picture of

shattered diamond mortared in the night sky

That unveil an array of intertwined

planned and unplanned events

Fireworks of life

which surely is

the craftiness of the Great One

My mind’s mouth gasps

Occurrences of the past years have spread like

a world wrinkled from a ricochet stone

I dare say it was like


the sensation of sunrise over an outstretched sea

I close my eyes

my mind’s eyes envision

the rainbowed Mandarin duck perched by the riverbed

Sea slug washed on flawless beige seashore

Bare feet caressed by silken beige-white grains on the riverbank

Dampened ocean breeze

that graze against the nostril

that kiss the velvet of the skin

and elevate the hair on the neck nape


Cold, warm, hot

every feeling imagined

It evokes the memories

of the different

calibre of people I’ve met

A few that brewed spectrum of light

in my sometimes-dimming existence


and others best left in the green trunk box



However, I must and will tell you about

infectious moments

that graze against my heart

and again, I say

elevate the hair on my nape


Please permit my thoughts to run wild

Just for old time’s sake

Indulge me

ibiere addey

My thoughts's Voice

Crossed life's path

That left tales scattered

like breadcrumbs

Walls stained with words

Engraved on bruised hearts

Wrestling to flee Red roses pool

Silent, let the mind whisper


ibiere addey

Behind Us

 The world behind us, we can sail and breath oceans' sweet calming balm - extract from Crushed Roses - the saga of an undefined relationship.

ibiere addey

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