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Bob Forgets His Blanket- What!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

After the high demand for Bob's Blanket gets a Wash, I decided to go for the next story in the series. Guess what?

Bob forgets his Blanket!

............Oh, No, first Bob's blanket gets a wash and he forgets his blanket? This is going to be a big problem as Bob never leaves his blanket.........

Stay tuned for the next series of Bob's Blanket coming out in December 2021.

We do love giggle time.

Excerpt from book"His mummy read him a story, and he fell asleep immediately. But after a little while, Bob awoke. He was sure that his blanket was very lonely without him. “Wait for me to come and get you,” Bob whispered."😊

Watch out for my next serie coming soon

The journey so far for Bob and his Blanket......

Frankfurt Bookfair 2015 the official launch for the book for all to see

University Children's Hospital Basel - Jachory Wings - Hospital Hero Projects were delighted to get Bob's Blanket Gets a Wash for Christmas.

World Book day Feb 2016 at Day Spring infant and Junior School PortHarCourt Nigeria----- had an exciting time as I talked about the book journey.

German Libraries have it on display for little hands to grab and read.

Bob's Blanket is well traveled- Nigeria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Dubai and many more places. So don't miss out on the next story.



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