Throwback - Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Updated: Feb 17

Yes, it seems like yesterday to me when I crazily published five picture books within 7 months.

Amazing! Just found the pictures - my first self-published book and the bold step my family and I took renting a stall at Frankfurt book-fair.

Books just arrived -Yippee. I need to do a YouTube video on the lessons learnt as there were a LOT!

Showing off my new books with a full smile. Gosh! the joy of holding my hard-work. Thank you Lord! And thank you family.

Family - don't you just love them. Thanks to the Sekers family in Basel Switzerland who made promotional Bob's blankets.

Little secret - they are one of the finest dealers in gold

So I took a bold step as an individual and rented a stall at Frankfurt Book is my pass to show.

Plus paid for a Business Table - the boldness of a novice and I dare to say my vision was - I will be grabbed on day 1!

Lovely yellow passes right?

I love my family - we stick together no matter what - remind me to tell you how we moved to Germany. A story you definitely want to here.

Look at them, my cuties. Excited to pull the wrapping off the items for the stall

Listen up - this is how you fix it

I guess the instructions were boring and something more interesting was happening across the stall.

All setup now - five books proudly displayed reminding me of the song - from Dolly Pattern.

"Coats of many colours my mama made for me, made only from rags but I wear them so proudly. Although we had no money, but I was rich as I could be my coat of many colours, mama made just for me."

Here comes the helpers.....

Imagine! They put us on the same aisle as the German big boys aisle because we are a German registered company.

Ermmmm... you know how that went.


Make sure the staffs understand the job description

A new job? - I bet that's what she was thinking.

Serious employee - we were told we can hire smilers. Why bother when I have a spouse who keeps smiling. So here is my smiler. So many job titles in this world.

Buy one get one free - Mr Seker are you sure that was the instruction?