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My morning reflection

Hello lovely people,

Writing a book is a journey and sometimes a very lonely one.

There are so many wild questions:

What to write, I’m I writing it properly, will people love it, is it engaging and the list goes on……..and on…and on.

To writers - if you have a story, I say just write and trust your instincts that you have written a good one. Be transparent as possible and engage with your readers, absorb the feedback and sieve through it for positive improvements suggested.

Pick up yourself if you fall and feel smashed, dust yourself, revise the work where needed and press on!

Hope you feel encouraged now.

To our lovely Readers

Please keep reading, as

But be kind when commenting as we writers have poured out our digital letters to a paper in hope you will be entertained or engaged.

We do love your feedback good or bad, keep them coming - remember the more we get your thoughts the better our craft to keep you engaged.

Happy writing to writers and happy cuddled up reading to readers.

Trust me it is one you want to read.


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