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Crystals In The Mud - upcoming production/book

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

a collection of three short, intertwined prose poem stories

Crystals In The Mud describes a powerful woman’s shades of life, how past occurrences spread like a world wrinkled from a ricochet stone. The ah-ha reflections that tickle the heart erupts, reminding us that crystals can also be found in the mud if you dare to get dirty.

In this collection of three poetry prose stories, go on a journey with Zainab Ali.

Story one:

Crushed Roses - the saga of an undefined relationship “He, She and the Others - what's the next move on the snooker table?”

— takes you into the enchanted lives of Wale Badmus and Zainab.

Currently in production. Here is a peek Scene

A world wrinkled from a ricochet stone - which glass do you see through?

Story two: I feel you wá sére drags you into the highs and lows of the reckless entanglement of two people that lead to the invitation wá sére — a Yoruba saying, meaning “come play.” And play they did, like sweet soup and meat stolen from a neighbour’s pot.

Story three: Embrace Me shows how deep a longing can get when one is not guided.

Bread crumbs to leave you with....

Life is not only about crashes and significant events, but experiences like stars, a picture of raining diamonds in the night sky. But remember not to let the giant feet of ugly occurrences trample on those beautiful rose petals.

© 2021 by Ibiere Addey


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