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Ibiere Addey

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Frankfurt Messe as said in German

What a delight to attend one of the most famous book fairs in the world.

An unforgettable experience for sure. 

It's a family affair

Adorable when my kids helped out in setting the stall up

Business Talks

Always fun to see like-minds discussing your books

Once known as A Poets HeartTwist

Back in 2015 when I had a dream of running my own publishing company - the chosen name was A Poets HeartTwist. It was fun while it lasted and I don't regret a single day my husband and I spent working on the books.

Always a good idea to start reading to kids early

The imaginative mind of a child starts early. So why not start reading to them early.

Always good to make new friends

Frankfurt Bookfair stall neighbours