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Children Titles

Back in 2015, I self-published 5 children's books in 8 months which was the most challenging period in my life. You are wondering how? Well, that`s a story to be told another time. But if you ask me will I do it again...mmh I need to think about it. Answer might be yes, but my thoughts will:'what approach to use!'.

But do find out more about my first sets of books. They can be found on ibooks, playbook, kindle and can be purchased via the contacting me.

Bob's Blanket gets a Wash

  “A cuddle item is a thing of comfort to little ones, and so there is usually the need to take it everywhere! It’s simply a child’s best friend and confidant. Bob’s blanket is a series for children aged 1 to 5 years old, mummies and daddies. Series one takes both parent and children through the journey of getting the items cleaned”.   


My foundation class enjoyed Bob’s blanket...they could easily relate to it as half the class still had stuffed toys they were finding hard to leave at home when coming to school......Chioma Dibor   

Promotional item for Bob's Blanket gets a Wash

 Always nice when a child can identify with a cuddle item. So I got these friendly handkerchief-sized blankets as a promotional item for the book Bob's blanket gets a Wash. There are only about 20 left. So hurry and get the book and a free Bob's blanket.

Bible Machines: David and Goliath (Cars Series)

Today’s generation; children especially boys gravitate to fast cars and heavy-duty machines. Bible Machine is a new way of looking at the bible in a child’s context making it more comprehensive. The first series, David and Goliath has been described using cars and races. Target age: anyone young at heart.

More Bible Machine series to follow.


If I had this as a boy, I would definitely have loved reading bible stories. anonymous

Thelma-Polly and the Crocodile

Thelma-Polly a highly imaginative child has a dream about crocodiles trying to buy beachwear in a Shop. Obviously, a crocodile in a shop will definitely cause chaos. The police shows up, but before the crocodile is arrested for entering the shop, Thelma-Polly takes up a brave task!

Do you want to know what she did?......find out more from the book. 

Target age: 5 to 8 years old.


My daughter and her friends love this book. Being a mixed-race child she could identify with the character in the book.... Debbie from Munich

Wonderland and the magic shoes

“Dave out of curiosity boards a wonderland train. He finds a pair of mind-reading shoes that takes him on a life adventure. Even though adventures can be fun, he soon finds out being a grownup has a lot of demands. Target age: 5 to 7 years old.


My child loved the colours and the different adventures that were shown in this book. They were definitely intriguing for him.....Anonymous

Rosie and the Talking Squirrel

  “Rosie bumps into a talking squirrel, shrinking to his size, she invites herself to his home and meets his family. They played a nut biting game. Oh! Oh! Seems Rosie had a little too much and there might be q challenge getting back to her family.....Find out more in the book. Target age: 5 to 8 years old.