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Bringing narrative stories to your doorstep


Imagine the sound and sight of popcorns popping in a pot or microwave…..Ummh! That’s me in a nutshell with words, stories and poems. I scribble in anything that looks like writing material. Every event is a potential story. I simply love stringing words together to create an exciting read. I have written five children picture books, over one hundred and eighty poems, some half -baked novels waiting to emerge and many more.


Not sure what the world will be without stories. I will be bored stiff. Let’s say my role play is like two sides of a coin: An I.T Specialist at day time: meetings, work deadlines, skiing through office politics, but flip the coin to the other side there’s me with papers, notepads, laptop, tablets and any item that can capture a story, a poem, or an idea for a book. Never a dull moment when stuck in my digital letters.

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